Very experienced DJ will help make your special occasion a celebration to remember. Pro Mobile disco is the dedicated team of professional party DJs available for weddings, birthdays, anniversary's, school discos and all kinds of special events. We provide Quality Mobile Discos at affordable hire rates.
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Most people buy a car more often than they hire a Mobile Disco and can be unsure how to choose the right DJ service. The job of hiring a Mobile Disco is also made more difficult as there are thousands of people who will describe themselves DJs and claim to be hugely talented and 100% reliable. In reality DJ services range from highly experienced professional DJs to clueless bedroom DJs who have simply bought some cheap equipment second hand, and have no clue what to do.

If your planning a special event and need a experienced and reliable DJ with a professional Mobile Disco set up contact us first. We deliver a service at affordable rates that is always worth the money.

Mobile discos are the most versatile entertainment solution for any event and will provide a seamless soundtrack to your party. Unlike a band or live performer a DJ will not require breaks thus making the music constant and continuous. However picking the right music tracks that help build the party atmosphere takes experience. An experienced party DJ who can select the music to match the audience and the occasion is the essential ingredient to any successful event.

When you are planning a party the most important thing to consider are your guests, the second most important thing is how are you going to entertain them. Its a fact after the event unless it was truly terrible or exceptionally good most people will remember how the venue was decorated or what the food or drinks were like. They will however always remember how much dancing there was. A party is normally judge to be a success if there has been lots of dance floor action with everyone joining in, a party is never judge to be a success because the sausage rolls were fabulous or the balloon arrangements were terrific. Even if the occasion is low key everyone remembers if they hated or loved the music selection.

Its sometimes thought that after a few drinks people will dance to anything so to save money some people select a DJ based on price. They think as long as the Mobile disco is cheap enough it will be good enough. If you think this is true then you are highly likely to be disappointed. From the start of the party an experienced party DJ will be reading the crowd to see which style of music has what effect. The DJ will notice body language and hone the music selection to build the right atmosphere. The music needs to be loud enough but what's more important is for the sound system to project a full range of frequency's that are clear and undistorted. An expensive high quality sound system is essential.

DJ Hire in London

We provide Mobile Discos in London, Herts, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire Kent and Essex DJ hire etc and have the party experience to make your occasion an extra special celebration. Pro mobile disco is the perfect entertainment choice for birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversary, school discos and any party event. We are specialists in 70s discos, 80s music themes, 90s dance nights or a mix of everything including the 60s and before till the 90s and the current charts.