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This letter was taken from a selection of the many dj reviews we have received over the years. Pro mobile disco never asks for client feedback but we are always extremely grateful to those that have taken the trouble to send us their thoughts after the event.
mobile dj letter for 50th birthday party in London

Dear Jim

Sorry that this is such a belated note – a much-needed holiday got in the way. Thanks so much for all your hard efforts to ensure a resounding success for David’s birthday party. People were continually ringing up in the week that followed to tell us what a great time they had – so hopefully you might get some business from this!

As you said theme parties are not an easy job and I hope you don’t feel that you failed in some way because not everybody wanted to dance till later on but when I spoke to people about his most said it was because it was such a lovely evening outside that they didn’t want to go inside but they all agreed that the music was excellent and was at just the right pitch to listen to outside. So there you go Jim – the weather was too good!!

David and I were exhausted but happy and we got to bed around 5am. The funny thing was from 11am onwards people kept coming round, one after the other and we had another mini party abound 6pm!

It was a fabulous weekend and a great party thank you so much again for helping to make it so. It was great to meet you. Next time, no themes and the music I will leave up to you. Best regards

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